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9 10 2010

We all remember how great is used to be to get dressed up and go door-to-door collecting candy.  Many Kids would plan their route to make sure they hit as many houses as possible, sometimes walking miles in just one night.  The beauty of Halloween was that if you ever felt sluggish, you had a bag that could provide a never ending sugar high to get you through the night.  However, for some the best part was not even trick-or-treating.  It was getting home, dumping your candy all over the floor and proceeding to trade your bounty with friends.

Unfortunately, as time goes on and the amount of cavities pile up, you get too old to go door-to-door collecting candy. So the joy of Halloween fades, but there is a glimmer of hope.  Trick-Or-Treating slowly turns into Halloween parties, which in turn, slowly get better with age.  Except there is always that one thing lacking!  The thrill you got ringing the door bell and standing there in anticipation waiting to see what tasty treat awaited you.

This year let’s  have our cake and eat it too!  After two nights of Halloween parties, gather whats left of your costume, put it on one last time and get that thrill of anticipation again.  But there is a twist!  This time you will be standing there excitedly awaiting to see how much canned food they give to you.  Yeah, that’s right canned food.

The North Helpline needs your help to meeting the ever increasing demands of the food bank.  Please  help by reliving the glory days of Halloween and trick-or-treat for a cause this year.

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